how realistic is kant’s league of nations today?

On face­book the ques­tion was risen what to think about Kant’s idea of uni­ver­sal peace today. My answer was this:

I think that Kant’s idea of a League of Nations was­n’t that far away with­in polit­i­cal thoughts 10 years ago as it is now. I mean, how could you pos­si­bly as a leader of a small islam­ic state trust amer­i­can pol­i­tics today?

You just can’t.
Trust has to be built up anew and that takes time. And we have to get rid of the thought of Amer­i­ca as the only uni­ver­sal lib­er­at­ing state that even can act as a uni­ver­sal police.

By say­ing this I do not attempt to cre­ate any anti-amer­i­can atti­tude. That would­n’t be use­ful either. The essen­tial thought is this: The devel­op­ment of uni­ver­sal peace is a uni­ver­sal devel­op­ment of peace. And this is an intrin­sic progress of states to which every kind of war is poison.

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